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What are the core services that every DJ should provide?

DJ Role
The main role of a DJ is to play music for your invited guests. They should also make any formal announcements during the evening.

Sound System
The DJ should provide speakers, amplifiers, speaker stands, mixing desks, microphone, headphones, cables and all other sound equipment required for your disco. The quality of this equipment and the size of the sound system can vary dramatically between different DJ companies.

Lighting Rig
The DJ should provide moving dance floor lighting, lighting stands, lighting controllers, cables and all other lighting equipment required for your disco. When you speak to a DJ, you should ask to see a photo or video that shows exactly what lights they will be providing if you book them to DJ.

Haze, Smoke and Dry Ice
It is unusual for a DJ to include any smoke effect in their standard package because there are now so many venues that refuse to let DJs use these effects at weddings. You should double check with your wedding venue to see if they allow smoke effects. The last thing that you want at your party is for the fire alarms to go off and for you to be evacuated from the building.

How much should i pay for a DJ
A basic wedding DJ package with just the core services can range between £200 – £400.
There is quite a wide range in the price between different DJs and I want to try and explain some of the factors that influence the price of a wedding DJ. It is your job to decide what you value most and to decide how much money you are prepared to invest in a wedding DJ. If you strip it back to the basics, when you book a DJ, you are essentially paying one person to be responsible for the success of the second half of your wedding. Think about how much you are spending on your ceremony drinks reception and wedding breakfast (the first 5 hours of your wedding day) and compare it to the amount of money that you have put aside for your DJ (the second 5 hours of your wedding day). THE SECRET THAT NOBODY TELLS YOU – If you and your family don’t like dancing and it is not important to you then don’t book a DJ! Spend the money on something else that you enjoy instead.

Quality of Equipment
If you head down to Maplin (or any other electrical store) then you can probably kit yourself out with a big pile of disco lights, speakers and mixing desks for under £1000. If you book a DJ who has made this decision then you will find that their overall cost is quite low because they have really small ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

If you book a DJ who has invested in state of the art lighting and sound equipment then they will have spend upwards of £10,000. Their prices will therefore be higher to reflect this. Cheap equipment breaks, malfunctions regularly, it is unreliable and it is not built to withstand regular gigging. This applies to every single piece of equipment, right down to the lowly cable. A quality cable with protection from interference costs £20 and will work and stay connected in every situation. A cheap cable (approx £5) will wobble around in the socket and if anybody walks past with a mobile phone then expect to hear “beep ba beep beep ba beep ba beep beep” through the sound system. Every single piece of equipment with an electrical component can stop working because a capacitor fails or some internal working becomes unsoldered. A professional DJ will invest in rugged, professional equipment and they should carry a spare for every single piece of equipment in their rig – especially their mixing desk and laptop!

What are some questions that we could ask every DJ to find out if they are suitable for our function?

These questions are designed to give you an insight into the DJ. You will learn about their background, musical history and experience of DJing. You will also start to build up a picture of how helpful your DJ is going to be in the run up to your event and what they are going to be like on your wedding day. Ultimately, your aim should be to find out whether or not you can trust them to be the DJ for your function.

1. How did you get into DJing?
2. What are your favourite styles of music?
3. What experience have you got as a DJ?
4. How much do you talk on the microphone during your DJ set?
5. Have you got a photo of your DJ rig?
6. Have you got any advice about picking our first dance song?
7. How much do you charge?
8. What is your booking process?
9. Are you available for our function?

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